Pragnesh / India

Girish went above and beyond our expectations for the photoshoot of our industry. Working with Girish was awesome an awesome experience. Girish truly has has an eye for details and has a way with Colors. He is knowledgeable, honest, and very respectful, which made our experience a memorable one.

Alice / Maine

My experience working with GCShutter was excellent.  Having never professionally modeled before, it gave me an opportunity to try something new and very fun.  The photographer was very professional, but also ensured I felt comfortable, giving instructions on how to pose and encouraging creative usage of my environment to make the pictures look natural.  The resultant content was very beautiful, each image edited uniquely to promote the story the picture told.  Working with GCShutter was an adventure, and I’m happy to have had the experience.

Amr / Dubai

I’m a shy person but Girish literally managed to make me feel at home and forget that I was in front of a camera, which is not easy in my case. I expected good photos but the result has highly exceeded my expectations, they are the most beautiful photos I have ever had with my girl and for that I am very grateful!

Heather / Vermont

Girish was awesome to work with! I moved to a part of the country where shooting with a proper photographer is extremely difficult to find. He knew what shot he was looking for and gave me great direction when I ran out of my own ideas. I model and am also a mechanic, so it was my first time utilizing both professions where it didn’t create a false image. Not to mention, I’ve had friends send me links and photos of my images they’ve found on the internet. I definitely felt like a rockstar! Thank you Girish and I hope to work together in the future!

Anu / Netherlands

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Girish, he is very professional and easy to work with. Not only his lifestyle photographs but also the architectural shots are of great quality with immaculate eye for detail. We are excited to work on numerous projects together to create stunning content.

Henry / Maine

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to do a photo shoot, lucky for me though it turned out to be an amazing experience! I was with a group of people and we all had a blast, it didn’t feel like I was doing anything and yet Girish was able to get such great shots out of it. Girish’s professionalism is only matched by his creativity and willingness to try new ideas. Afterwards I would joke about being a model, I realized I had to stop saying it as a joke when I started seeing photos used in various articles. I look forward to any further chances to work with Girish!

Renuel / Dubai

Waking up early morning with my family is always a blessing, it’s another brand new day to cherish. But this time it will all be captured on photograph by Girish and his colleague Xavier. My wife and 7 year old son never felt any pressure because of the way he handled the photoshoot. We did not feel that there is a camera to capture our precious moments together as a family.

We were asked to our usual morning routine and through all of those photographs it made me appreciate more how blessed I am. The photos looked awesome and it definitely captured the essence of being a family.

After our family photoshoot we went directly to the fitness club that I am working. The venue is at MMA Fitness Center, this time it’s about workout and we were a mixed of different nationalities. There were more than 10 of us but Girish made them all comfortable also and made it look natural rather than staged. Everything was done from Cardio workout, Strength training, Boxing and stretching. Everybody was pleased and I did not even realized that it took almost 10 hours for those two photoshoots, but as they say, time flies when you are having fun. Thank you Girish and hope we can work together again!

Tarak / Dubai

It started as a casual conversation and ended up in a professional photoshoot. I had just launched my fashion brand and wanted to have a product shoot for the website and social media. Instead of just doing products photos, Girish brainstormed an idea to do a lifestyle shoot with professional models. Being a first-timer, neither did I had contacts of talents nor the idea to produce the shoot. Right from creating a story-board to selecting suitable models, Girish did everything on his own. This also included finalizing the make-up artist and selected the location for the photoshoot. We produced some outstanding photos with these talents, giving the real-life feel of freedom, friendship, and brotherhood.
That’s what happens when you work with Girish. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to perfection, finesse and quality control. The minute he wears his photographer’s hat, he transforms himself completely. Not only just he becomes a professional, and fun to work, but also understanding, never obtrusive and always cracking up jokes to keep the models comfortable.
I truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for what Girish has done to the brand. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my new business venture.

Rupa / Dubai

One random crazy conversation with Girish etched into a beautiful memory as we worked together for one of his photo shoots. The moment he steps into his creative shoes, there’s no turning back from being a part of a wholesome experience. Girish is able to touch upon relatively sensitive subjects with ease. He knows what exactly he wants out of a shot, and his attention to detail is impeccable. But what makes his shoots all the more interesting is the kind of relaxed and comfortable aura he brings on the D-Day. He has the magic to turn a simple moment like sipping coffee and gazing at the sun into something that’s larger than life. No wonder his shoots are truly one-of-a-kind, and I’m looking forward to more!

Karla & Family / Serbia

My husband, 14 month old daughter and I recently had a shoot with Girish and it was such a great experience. We weren’t sure how our daughter would be shooting with someone she had never met but he made us all feel extremely relaxed and welcome. It was such a laid back shoot which made the shots more natural and realistic. Girish had lots of great ideas but also let us behave like we usually would to capture real life shots which were excellent. Would highly recommend.

Xavier / Spain

It was a pleasure working together with Girish in Dubai in various productions, we produced great and diverse content in such a short amount of time doing 5 different locations in two days.
We did get along very well while shooting together trying to maximise as much as posible the production.

Great photographer !!

Nadezzda / Serbia

It’s been a pleasure and an honor working with Girish. A photographer who has ideas for creating perfect photographs. The memory of his time working with him helps me smile, because he is relaxed, funny and friendly, and above all a great professional. I’d like him to come back to our country and have the pleasure of repeating that experience. Thank you, Girish

Zohra / Dubai

Girish is an extremely talented photographer, he has the ability to capture real moments with his skill and direction. I had never done a professional shoot before and his direction helped me feel at ease. The pictures he took were amazing, it was the first time I have really loved a picture of myself and he took some of me and my mum which we will cherish forever!

Vladimir / Serbia

What can say about Girish?
Professional, easy to cooperate, very positive, smiling, and understandable.
From the beginning, we understood each other very well, as if we had known each other for years.
A photographer I would always be happy to work with.
Everything I wrote can be seen in his photos. His photos are like windows, you see real scenes from the life and not staged situations.

Iro / Serbia

I absolutely enjoyed working with Girish! Our photoshoot was really creative and fun. There was no awkwardness and the time passed by really fast. Overall it was such a great experience with even more amazing results!
Cant wait to work with him again!

Michelle / Massachusetts

Girish and his wife are the best! From the very beginning of our shoot to the end everything was perfect and we had a great time! Everything was extremely organized and there was always great communication. During the shoot everything was so professional, but Girish had poses and ideas of shots in mind, but also let the models have their own artistic freedom and try new things! The photos are even more amazing! We are so happy with the way they came out and will cherish them forever! It is so great when we find ourself on journal covers or used for advertisements! If you have the chance to work with Girish, take advantage he is amazing! Cannot wait to shoot again soon!!

Amal / Dubai

I really liked working with Girish! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it; how we could be talking about something and he would turn that raw conversation into a beautiful photo (without me even realizing!)

Not only is he professional, but he is also really funny and friendly. He instantly made me feel comfortable so there was no room for awkwardness during our photoshoots.

At the end of the day, I came out with a new friend and I’m so excited to work with him again in the future!!

Elizabeth / Canada

We absolutely loved our experience with Girish! We were a bit leery at first about having a stranger photograph us in our home, but I am so glad that we did!! Girish communicated with us regularly leading up to the shoot, so we knew exactly what to expect and were able to plan the shoot around our family’s schedule. He had great ideas for specific shots that he wanted to take, but also allowed us to make suggestions about parts of our daily family life that we wanted to capture. Our children formed a bond with Girish and his wife immediately and we all felt like we had known them forever! We are so grateful for the experience and so thrilled with the photos. He captured all of our individual personalities perfectly, and we would love the opportunity to do it all over again. If you have the chance to do a photoshoot with Girish – take it! You absolutely will not regret it.

Almudena / Spain

Girish has an innate talent to make you feel comfortable since the beginning, and that is why the result in his photos is brilliantly natural and so beautiful. He is able to capture not only the beauty in the scene but the soul of the people and the moment behind his camera, and this is what I personally love. I am so grateful to have these memories of my life portrayed by him with his unique way to look to the things, I think it is this connection between him and the people what makes his work so special, it was a lovely experience!

Leo / Italy

I met Girish during the iStockalypse Dubai back in 2015. We suddenly became friends and started to talk about photography and our interests.
After a while we met again on other events and conferences and our friendship became more consistent.

We worked together in Dubai for an intense week shooting several times per day and it was awesome, a real pleasure. Girish is reliable, always on time and extremely focused on the work, he gets always the job done!

Allison / Canada

We just received our photos from Girish and I am speechless. I am painfully shy and have no experience modeling, but the photos he captured of my family and I are incredible. By far my favorite photos of my wife and I were taken by Girish! I only hope they aren’t the last.

Sian / London

I am very lucky to have been able to work with Girish twice, both times in different countries! I was fairly new to modelling when we first shot together, so I was amazed at how Girish made me feel so comfortable through his natural ability to engage and connect with people. His enthusiasm is infectious and made our time shooting together a truly fun and enjoyable experience. If I was unsure of anything, Girish would give great direction and encouragement which really helped in achieving the final images. I love that he could capture my pure, natural expressions with the perfect balance of subject and scenery. His creative ability seems infinite as he was always ready to suggest a different style of shot either through expression, pose or location. I also appreciate that he is incredibly patient as we shot at very busy, tourist locations! I am happy to say that I have very fond memories whenever I look at the images from my shoots with Girish, and I look forward to the day we can next work together again.

Tanay / Dubai

Working with Girish has been an inspirational rollercoaster for the past few years. Travelling to various shoot locations and working with several talents has been a large part of my life.

Being a part of the GCShutter crew has led to me become a photographer and a model on several instances, with each shoot developing into a cherished memory. All thanks to working with Girish.

Tomoka / Japan

The shooting with him was one of the most precious moment I’ve ever had in Kyoto, Japan. Actually, I was nervous before starting but after that realized that I really enjoyed the whole time. He always made me relax, smile, be positive and a lots laugh. I respect for his open-minded like that. Of course, his photo technique is excellent. I was able to find out new aspects of myself through his amazing photos.

Thanks to all his kind.

I’d like to work with him in the future again.

Can’t wait for the day to come.


Ahmad / Dubai

It is always fun to work with Girish and to spend a full day sometimes doing those photoshoots it’s so much fun and I always have a good time.. And the best part when I see my photos every where….. And always looking forward for the next one.

Ko / Japan

The shooting model was my first experience for me. So I was very excited and I had a good time.I did not know what to do at the beginning, but Girish-san made me relax. Girish-san ordered me a pose with easy-to-follow instructions. I changed facial expressions and acted, it was a fun experience.Pedestrians were strangely looking at us at the shooting in the office town, and I felt like I became a professional model. In the shooting of the running scene with the prosthesis changing the place, the attachment scene of the prosthesis was also taken. I like pictures of my prosthetic foot off. There are many pictures of those with prosthetic limbs, but I think that the pictures showing the stumps by taking off the prosthetic limbs are unusual.I was impressed when I saw the completed work. Thank you for shooting me so coolly. When I submitted these photos in my Instagram I got a lot of good nice. Girish-san, Thank you very much for letting me have a valuable experience! Thank you for shooting a nice work! !


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