Waking up early morning with my family is always a blessing, it’s another brand new day to cherish. But this time it will all be captured on photograph by Girish and his colleague Xavier. My wife and 7 year old son never felt any pressure because of the way he handled the photoshoot. We did not feel that there is a camera to capture our precious moments together as a family.

We were asked to our usual morning routine and through all of those photographs it made me appreciate more how blessed I am. The photos looked awesome and it definitely captured the essence of being a family.

After our family photoshoot we went directly to the fitness club that I am working. The venue is at MMA Fitness Center, this time it’s about workout and we were a mixed of different nationalities. There were more than 10 of us but Girish made them all comfortable also and made it look natural rather than staged. Everything was done from Cardio workout, Strength training, Boxing and stretching. Everybody was pleased and I did not even realized that it took almost 10 hours for those two photoshoots, but as they say, time flies when you are having fun. Thank you Girish and hope we can work together again!