The shooting model was my first experience for me. So I was very excited and I had a good time.I did not know what to do at the beginning, but Girish-san made me relax. Girish-san ordered me a pose with easy-to-follow instructions. I changed facial expressions and acted, it was a fun experience.Pedestrians were strangely looking at us at the shooting in the office town, and I felt like I became a professional model. In the shooting of the running scene with the prosthesis changing the place, the attachment scene of the prosthesis was also taken. I like pictures of my prosthetic foot off. There are many pictures of those with prosthetic limbs, but I think that the pictures showing the stumps by taking off the prosthetic limbs are unusual.I was impressed when I saw the completed work. Thank you for shooting me so coolly. When I submitted these photos in my Instagram I got a lot of good nice. Girish-san, Thank you very much for letting me have a valuable experience! Thank you for shooting a nice work! !


私は義足を脱いでいる写真が気に入 っています。義足をつけた人の写真は多くありますが、義足を脱いで断端を見せている写真は珍しいと思います。